Male cleavage?… (Don’t blink)

There is a former NY Times best selling book called Blink. It’s a
great book, a definite ‘must-read’. Until you get a chance to check
it out, here’s the Mason Notes version…

The key idea of Blink is that we humans make decisions almost
immediately, whether we realize it or not.

It happens at a subconscious level, and happens in the ‘blink of an

By the way, this isn’t just conjecture.

The book backs this up with numerous studies, and even explains why
the significance of these studies has been consistently over-looked
by society.

I think you can see where I’m going with this, and what it has to
do with your success with women.

Women make a decision about you based on that all important first
impression. It happens too fast for any of us to notice, but it is
a VERY real phenomenon.

It goes something like this:

She sees you.



She has an opinion of you.

The REALLY bad news, according to lots of studies in the book, is
that we humans really aren’t capable of overcoming this first
impression, even though we fool ourselves into thinking we can.

Once a first impression is set, we THINK we can look past it and
see new aspects of a person without the ‘overwhelming’ influence of
that first impression…. but we’re WRONG.

Over and over again studies on topics as broad as racism to
roulette show our first impressions really do stick with us no
matter how we convince ourselves otherwise.

For example, one study showed trained philharmonic orchestra
professionals COULD NOT accurately judge the quality of someone’s
playing once they had SEEN that person – even if they had just seen
that person for a minute.

Once they saw that person they subconsciously formed an opinion of
that person
AS A MUSICIAN – and they were NOT able to accurately
hear that persons playing as if that first impression had never
been made.

That means once a woman you met on login gets a first impression of you she is literally INCAPABLE of seeing you outside of that ‘filter’ that was created by her first impression.

You simply can NOT ‘turn back the clock’ and fix a bad first

I know that sounds harsh, but this is a human instinct that has
been shown over and over again to be true, so I want to make sure
you understand the full force of this phenomenon.

Even if you read the book and study the phenomenon, overcoming your
‘blindspot’ created by your first impression takes constant
conscious effort that just isn’t realistic in everyday life.

Besides, even if you COULD recover from a bad first impression, why
the hell would you want to?

That’s like having to overcome a 20 point deficit every time you
come out for the 2nd half of the game.

Sure… MAYBE it can be done in certain circumstances.

But isn’t it better to be 20 points ahead at half time?

I always thought so.

The truth is the OPORTUNITY here is much greater then you may

After all, women (or any of us, for that matter) DO NOT understand
how powerful this ‘filter’ of the first impression is.

That means if you can consistently make a GREAT, (or even AMAZINGLY
strong and confident), first impression, she is going to see
EVERYTHING you do through that glowing first impression.

Thats right, EVEN if you ‘slip up’ for a bit and act like a
COMPLETE DORK, she is interpreting that through this ‘strong and
confident’ filter permanently set in her consciousness…

(Trust me, I’ve been there. One time I literally spilled coffee on
my date, stammered out an apology, and all she could talk about
later that night was how smooth I was on the date… talk about the
power of a good first impression!)

I guess you could say it’s the closest thing men can have to
cleavage. Get this ONE THING right and they will overlook a lot of
DUMB behavior on your part.

So how do you CREATE this strong and confident first impression?

Well, there are really TWO types of first impressions.

The ones you control, as in when YOU are approaching HER and
starting up a conversation.

(This ASSUMES, of course, that she hasn’t already noticed you and
formed a first impression of you.)

This is the dreaded cold-approach some guys fear, but the truth is
it allows us an incredible amount of control over the first

The REALLY GREAT news is that the ‘harder’ the situation seems (ie.
she’s busy, talking with friends, or looks just plain
un-approachable) – The EASIER it is to nail an amazing frist
impression that shows you can handle these simple obstacles that
throw so many of the other guys off.

In fact, when you know how to approach correctly in ANY enviroment
this whole game becomes incredibly easy – thanks to that ‘halo
effect’ of the first impression.

So much so that some suggested I call my product that teaches all
these approaching techniques Zero-Resistance Dating.

Not a bad name, but it seemed a bit cheezy for my taste – I went
with “Fearless First Impressions” instead.

It’s a video encyclopedia of every technique, style, and real-world
method of approaching a women that has ever worked for me and my

Filmed in an 11 hour marathon session all in one day, I left no
secrets out of this one.

Every Proven Method For Approaching Women Since Humans Started
Walking Upright

Even though this was one of our first products, I’m so proud of it
that I’m going to make a special offer I’ve never made to get it
into your hot hands.

The next 12 to order my Fearless First Impressions
Take-Home-Training kit will ALSO get a special bonus I’ve never
offered before: a copy of an interview I did with infamous dating
coach Brad P.

Up until now this was ONLY available to guys who were on my VIP
porgram way back when this was released about a year ago – so this
really is information that is not available otherwise.

Better hurry, this offer won’t last long.

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