The Top 5 Mistakes with Dating

5) Not Escalating Quickly Enough

This sort of ties in with 8, but has more to do with lacking courage than plain ignorance.

Many rAFC’s just put off escalating, the kiss especially, way too long. They see the IOI’s, but they figure they might as well just wait for one more, or two … or 10. Then, she loses interest and he’s stuck in the FZ wondering “Why?”

Simple, you need to push the barrier. A sexual relationship on adultfrienedfinder is all about escalation. Without it, you’re just friends, and who wants to be friends with a girl? That’s what I thought.

Don’t think about it. When you feel in your gut the timing is right, just go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

4) Out of Personality Experience

rAFC’s look for role models to follow and help guide them through the difficult transition. They try to base these role models of what they want to become.

However, we all want what we can’t have, and tend to go for styles completely parallel to our own personality, and end up coming off as fake or a poser, and the techniques will never work in your favor.

Instead, find a style that is congruent with your personality. If you’re a spaz nice guy, go for the party pumper. If you’re a silent introvert, go for the badass style. Or, use TNB’s WOW system and create your own style based off of your unique personality.

3) Focus Your Aim

Many guys starting off going for women much lower than what they should be going for. Approaching a few 4’s and 5’s are good for practice every once in a while, but you’re not reaching your full potential. Set your sites high!

Start out a little lower, and constantly work your way up. Never settle for less than you deserve. You’re working hard to improve, you deserve results which reflect that (and by results, I mean the gorgeous dames!)

2) Being Dicks

Oh yeah, the big one.

Every guy starting out ends up being a huge dick to all of his TOI’s because he tries to neg, tease, and ignore the target too much and not build rapport at all. Whether it’s bad timing or being too harsh, everyone ends up doing it too much.

If you push away your target too much, that’s what you’re going to eventually accomplish.

Really, there’ no cure for it. You have to find your own balance. Just remember, the neg isn’t meant to be the go-to technique. You don’t want to torment your target, only use them raise your own value slightly and lower hers. Use it sparingly, especially with less attractive women.

Now this one is big, and the cause of pretty much all of the other problems for rAFC’s, so pay attention boys …

1) Not Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone.

That’s right, the number one killer of rAFC’s and one of the main reason they go back to AFC’s, or worse, keyboard jockeys.

Moving out of your comfort zone is one of the most difficult parts of becoming a PUA. It’s what separates the boys from the men, and the men from the REAL men.

Whether it’s approaching, escalating, closing, it’s all a step out of the ordinary for most rAFC’s, and overcoming this fear of the unknown is the first step to victory. When you read most success stories and get to the part where the guy starts to rapidly improve, that’s usually when he breaks out of his comfort zone.

Unfortunately, the best advice I can give you is to push yourself, but that’s all the advice you’ll ever need. Push yourself to be great, push yourself to make mistakes, push yourself to be a PUA. It will be difficult at times, and you’ll crave the sweet comfort of mediocrity, but you must be persistent.

The results will come, but those too are out of your comfort zone. You need to ask yourself “Am I willing to risk the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary?”

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