Each dating school now teaches their own style and specializes in their own method. For example online flirting, night clubs, day game, rapport building, confidence and so on. In 2006 former male escort NathanX formed “Master Your Sex Life” (MYSL). This was and is the only school of sexual selfContinue Reading

Oftentimes the deciding factor between success and failure is caused by something so simple, so easy that you overlook that critical difference that would have brought you victory. It’s like that time you spent an hour and a half looking for your car keys–you overturned every couch cushion and checkedContinue Reading

Be prepared. Just like the Scout motto, you should always be prepared. If you want to get phone numbers, then you need to have a way of remembering them. You can carry a pen and paper with you, or you may choose to enter numbers directly in your cell phoneContinue Reading

5) Not Escalating Quickly Enough This sort of ties in with 8, but has more to do with lacking courage than plain ignorance. Many rAFC’s just put off escalating, the kiss especially, way too long. They see the IOI’s, but they figure they might as well just wait for oneContinue Reading

There are just a few common themes you hear from women who are in total free-fall for a guy.  See if this one rings a bell: “He sees something in me no one else does” Now, admittedly, you don’t hear women actually SAY this very often.  But… Any red bloodedContinue Reading

Have you ever had this experience? You were talking to a woman after you just made agreat approach, things are going great, and thenSUDDENLY she gets really angry at you? It seemed to come out of NOWHERE, and you walkaway shaking your head trying to understand whatthe hell just happened.

There is a former NY Times best selling book called Blink. It’s agreat book, a definite ‘must-read’. Until you get a chance to checkit out, here’s the Mason Notes version… The key idea of Blink is that we humans make decisions almostimmediately, whether we realize it or not. It happensContinue Reading

Sorry I’ve been out of touch for a while, but I’ve been doing abit of Real World Relaxing after our big rapport event lastweekend. Some highlights of the event included me pinning Zan down onstageand FORCING him to show us what he really does on dates, seeingthe entire room ofContinue Reading