Things are going great, and then suddenly she gets really angry at you

So, what has this got to do with a woman getting
angry at you?

Well a woman has her own genetic program running.
Her program is to constantly be LOOKING for that
ONE guy she is supposed to have sex with.

She’s looking for signals from each man around
her, that he is THAT guy.

This is where things get FUN and interesting.

Because you are NOW learning how to give off those

My definition of a cool guy, is a man who just by
the way he is being, TRIGGERS her hard wired
circuits that say to her…

“HEY, I’m THAT guy you are supposed to SLEEP with”

When she responds to your signals… that my
friend is ATTRACTION!

And I promise you, if you are practicing what I teach you, there are women on adultfrienedfinder who are attracted to you DAILY that you are not even AWARE of.

We see this all the time in workshops.

But here’s the rub, and the reason why women will
get very UPSET with a guy who is just learning

Men starting down the path to becoming a cool guy,
do it in SMALL increments. The first 10 seconds,
the first minute, the first 3 minutes, first 10
minutes… you get the picture.

So what happens is, when a guy knows how to make a
and is solid on opening,
the woman’s wiring says “It’s that guy I’m
supposed to have sex with” and IT’S ON!

But then new guy sinks back into his NORMAL way of
being (some people call this running out of
material, but that implies you can continue to
‘fool’ her just by having things to say)

At this point the woman will SENSE something is
wrong. It will be very WEIRD for her, because in
the regular world men are either “that guy” or
they are not.

It does NOT happen for her, that a man is “that
guy” in a powerful way, and then SUDDENLY he isn’t

This NEVER happened in the world until guys like
you started learning pickup skills

This will cause her to get angry, and feel
deceived, because she WANTED you to be that guy,
and she is bummed because she was ATTRACTED to

Fact is, this is a good thing when it happens to
you, it means you are making HUGE progress.

You just don’t want to have it continue to happen,
because that means you are stuck.

So, what’s the key step to prevent this from

The secret is called “VIBING”.

If you have seen the hidden camera video of my
festival pickup, you saw me ‘vibing’ with the girl
and her friends.

The key to vibing is showing that you MIX well
with the group… the woman and her friends. That
you are a LEADER but in a cool and laid back way,
and that you are FUN to be with.

If you have friends you hang out with, you KNOW
how to vibe.

Vibing is powerful because unlike opening lines
and stories, it’s AUTHENTIC… you can’t fake it.

That’s why it is so important for you to have your
OWN style when meeting women.

Every single one of my instructors has his own
unique style. There are no ‘clones’ at PickUp 101
for a very good reason.

The best way for you to get good at vibing is to
PRACTICE with your friends. Take control and be
the most fun guy in the conversation. Use the
tools I’ve taught you.

When you get good, then practice at parties with
people you sort of know. Then do it with people
you don’t know.

Before long, it will be a natural part of what you
do. Congratulations you are on your way to being
a cool guy!

Now, go meet some women.

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