The history of the seduction community

Each dating school now teaches their own style and specializes in their own method. For example online flirting, night clubs, day game, rapport building, confidence and so on.

In 2006 former male escort NathanX formed “Master Your Sex Life” (MYSL). This was and is the only school of sexual self improvement for men where techniques can been seen and learned live in their totally unique live workshops. Master Your Sex Life is the only company to specialize in the whole arena of sexual self improvement including your skills in the bedroom. Everyone else teaches dating advice only.

In 2006 Mystery split with his long term business partner Savoy and The Mystery Method corporation to form the Venusian Arts. The Mystery Method still continues but without Mystery.

2007 saw the release of the book “The Mystery Method : The fool proof way to get any woman you want into bed”. Mystery took the community more mainstream by appearing on programs like the US Conan O’Brien Show to promote his book.

August 2007 will see the new reality show called “The Pickup Artist” on VH1 following Mystery, Matador and J-Dog as they teach students how to go from likable, quirky personalities who have trouble getting women into “Pick Up Artists”

Estimated 2007/2008, the movie based on Neil Strauss’s book “The Game” and the seduction community has now been optioned by Sony. It will be directed and produced by the brothers Chris and Paul Weitz who directed American Pie.

The 10 volume DVD/CD and book “Sexual Mastery for Men” from MYSL will be hitting adult stores in Europe and the US in 2008 and is set to reshape sexual understanding for men on adultfrienedfinder.

Other seduction schools and trainers from the community are also know to be in talks for various TV shows and series around the world.

Gradually, the art of seduction and secret seduction community has gone from geeks on a forum to large scale commercial success as it helps tens of thousands of guys every day improve their sexual, social and romantic skills such as how to use thrusting dildo.

The quality of the available information on social dynamics, sexual skills and how to succeed with women has vastly improved. The knowledge of what’s sexually possible and how to massively improve on our sexual skills beyond what most guys think is possible is available to learn today. Maybe it’s time you looked into the world of seduction and found out what’s possible. For more information please check out our products and workshops.

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