Simplicity Brings Success

Oftentimes the deciding factor between success and failure is caused by something so simple, so easy that you overlook that critical difference that would have brought you victory.

It’s like that time you spent an hour and a half looking for your car keys–you overturned every couch cushion and checked every dusty nook and cranny in your house only to find that they were the pocket of the jeans you wore yesterday!

If you had just checked the most likely location first you would have found them, instead, you unknowingly made things more complicated than they needed to be.

So it is with many things in life… particularly with women.

After hearing so much increasingly in depth and complex advice on getting women on adultfriendrfinder you may start to ignore the simple; glossing over it as “heard-that-before-information” or, worse, searching for that elusive phantom secret that will make everything click; magically transforming you into the stud you know you should be.

This is bad because the simple stuff usually makes the BIGGEST difference while the more complex and, admittedly, interesting stuff is more for fine tuning–it makes LESS of a difference to your “game.”

In other words, you being successful at dating and attracting women has less to do with deep psychological analysis and understanding the evolution of the female mind (or any other such speculation and theory spouting) and MORE to do with all that “simple stuff” that you were so quick to skim over and ignore in the past.

Here are some simple solutions for success with women:

SIMPLE SOLUTION # 1: Change your routine…

I can’t tell you how many women I have met by simply doing something differently than I normally would.

Do you usually take the bus? Try walking. Like to eat at that one small Italian deli down the street for lunch? Try the one across town instead. Do you normally workout at night? Try going to the gym in the morning. Do you usually hang out with your two best friends on Saturday night and go play pool? Go out with different people to a different place. Do you generally stay in on Friday nights? Good heavens man… GO OUT!

A simple change in routine will put you in different situations where you will run into different women. You’ve heard it before (and I hate to be the one that says it again) but “If you always do the same thing you will always get the same results.”

SIMPLE SOLUTION # 2:Get a mantra…

I’m sure you’ve noticed that just hearing a short, powerful quote has motivated you to think about or do something that you normally wouldn’t. For some people hearing one simple yet powerful sentence has provoked them to completely change their lives. At the very least, it can put things back into perspective for you.

Find a quote that sticks with you and really strikes your core and make it your mantra. Repeat it to yourself at critical moments when you feel your courage and motivation waning… like when you see a hot girl you know you should talk to but can’t seem to muster the nerve!

Repeat it many times a day and make it your mantra. Here’s mine:

“The measure of any man is in action”

A Greek philosopher said it (unfortunately I cannot remember his name anymore nor can I find it on the Internet. It starts with an “A” if anybody knows email me at and I’ll give you a free copy of my book).

SIMPLE SOLUTION # 3: Think positive…

Good, I’m glad you are still with me. I was worried you would leave after seeing the title of this one… you’ve DEFINITELY heard that one before, huh?

So many times in your life you didn’t meet that great new woman because your sour, pessimistic mind wouldn’t let you-it talked you down until you had nothing to say and no idea what to do … you were too busy dwelling in negativity.

“What should I say? Oh, it doesn’t matter, she’s too far away now I’ll never catch up.”

“I wonder if she has a boyfriend? Oh yeah, it’s probably that guy she’s talking to.”

“Why can’t I meet any women? Life sucks.”

It’s thoughts like these that are ROBBING you of action that would lead you to positive results with women. Begin to think positive, optimistic thoughts and you won’t have any room in your head for doubt, second-guessing, or nervousness.

Three simple changes:

1.) vary your routine
2.) get a mantra
3.) think positive

… just might mean the difference between being “that lonely guy” and being that chap that every girl has on her wish list.

Remember, women want to respect you– don’t make it hard for them.

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