She NEVER Hears That

There are just a few common themes you hear from women who are in total free-fall for a guy.  See if this one rings a bell:

“He sees something in me no one else does”

Now, admittedly, you don’t hear women actually SAY this very often.  But‚Ķ Any red blooded man reading this KNOWS in his heart that women desperately WANT to feel that way.  (Certainly the authors churning out romance novels know it – that theme has sold more books then ALL other themes in literature combined)

Recognize this is ESPECIALLY true with exceptionally attractive, successful, and intelligent women, who’s more subtle mysterious qualities are so often overlooked.

Hey no one wants to be treated like a Barbie doll, EVEN a smart, successful Barbie doll.¬† By the way, smart successful women you meet on adultfrienedfinder app that dress like Barbie (there may be MORE of these then you think) ESPECIALLY don’t like to be adored for the obvious.

They dress like that so they can attract the kind of man that can see past all that.

Oh, yeah, and when you’re hanging out with that stone-cold sexy librarian PLEASE don’t start talking about how smart she is. The librarian also wants to be seen for her more mysterious qualities.

And that is where there is HUGE opportunity for the Mason Man who knows what he’s doing.¬† The truth is that it’s actually very easy to elicit the desired reaction in women IF you know what you’re doing.¬† I could spend a lot of time writing about it, but I threw up a video of me talking about it at one of my¬†Art of Rapport workshops¬†instead.

The video is up for now at my Real World Rapport page, I give some examples on some simple rules of thumb I use to see aspects of women other guys often miss.¬† You can check it out at¬†¬†, but before you go be sure to check your calendar and see what you’ve got going on February 29th – March 2nd.

I guarantee whatever you have planned it is NOT going to be anywhere near as fun as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Zan, David Wygant, Brent Smith, Grant Adams, Dave M., Decker, J-Dog and the PickUp 101 instructors bounce tactics, ideas, and philosophies off each other.

Personally I’M looking forward to the part where we all get to demonstrate EACH OTHER’S techniques on the fly in front of our live audience.  That’s gonna be sweet‚Ķ but it’s ONLY happing once – and ONLY in San Francisco.

Reserve your spot now, the price goes up at Midnight tonight.

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