Get some Real World Relaxing

Sorry I’ve been out of touch for a while, but I’ve been doing a
bit of Real World Relaxing after our big rapport event last

Some highlights of the event included me pinning Zan down onstage
and FORCING him to show us what he really does on dates, seeing
the entire room of 100 people getting teared up during our deep
rapport stories, and watching Brent make meeting women look
easier then ordering a pizza.

But for me the best part of all was soaking in what we had
accomplished once the event was all over.

Usually after a four days of being on stage (not to mention four
months of preparation) I can’t wait to go home, take a bath with
a hottie, and sleep for twelve hours straight.


Somehow this event was different.

As usual, I stuck around and mingled with the attendees until
almost everyone left. This time, however, almost no one had any
questions for me.

They were just stopping by to connect and give thanks after what
had been a very intimate event.

I was so energized afterwards that I not only ended up staying in
the event room until everyone left, but I also ended up partying
with Zan, J-dog and some of the other guys until about four in
the morning – only to wake up at the crack of dawn.

Even after about 4 nights of getting nowhere near enough sleep, I
couldn’t wait to get up and start the day.

Not a bad feeling.

By the way, that reminds me to one of the lessons of the

If you want to really connect with women on adultfrienedfinder app, you need to have things in your life that you connect with, that give you the energy you need to be present with her.

What are the things you do in life that energize you?

What fills your life with purpose?

A special thanks to the AMAZING crew that made the event
possible, and especially to all the ladies who shared themselves
on stage (including, of course, our own PickUp 101 Supergirls):
Shiva, Kendra, Yuko, Alexandra, Eva, and Karisma.

Most of all, thanks to everyone in the room that weekend who
created an environment where we could share not only our
techniques and experience, but ourselves as well.

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